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Weekly update (2)

The past seven days have flown by and here I am writing a weekly update again. 

At the beginning of this week I attended a course at JISC Digital Media in Bristol.  The team there seem to be a good bunch and are incredibly knowledgeable and well prepared for the training they deliver.  They have been great in talking through the whole process of building this type of collection whilst highlighting best practise in areas such as digital image capture. One of the key ideas I took from the day was the concept of producing digital images to fit the purpose that they will be used – and a mathematical way of quantifying this.  It’s another strand to add to the discussions we are having about workflows and standards.

After that useful start to the week I have spent some time configuring CONTENTdm to the point where I can talk to our technical guy next week and go to the next step – which is to have a working demo “view” for a particular collection.  We’ll be showing this to the project team at the next meeting.

Before that meeting the key task will be to bring all of the ideas, discussions and plans together into a report/presentation to inform the group about the options we have.  Hopefully the group will then be able to make some big decisions about the technical side of the archive.