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User testing – today

We are running some user feedback sessions today.  Primarily we will be investigating the functionality and usability of the website, but we also intend to ask about their impressions of the community content on the archive, and their impressions of the archive as a whole.

We are trying to combine a task focussed approach with some flexibility for participants to explore the site and talk about what they ould expect to see or didn’t expect to happen etc.

We are doing the testing in 6 pairs, the idea being that each pair will discuss the tasks or options more throughly and allow us to make notes on the processes involved in using the site.

None of the “pairs” know each other. We have been lucky enough to find 12 of our users by advertising on the archive home page and the university website.  The offer of a £10 book token for 45 minutes work may also have helped.

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