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Weekly update (1)

It’s quite hard in the midst of a project like this to update the blog with all of the daily activities so I will endeavour to provide a weekly update.  This is the first – so here we go.

The first steering group meeting took place on Monday with lots of useful ideas being produced.  It was good to meet representatives from most of the initial partners and having so many groups on board means there is a huge amount of experience to draw on.

This week has been very much about bringing the set-up strands together.  We have now got the appropriate CONTENTdm licence in place.  CONTENTdm had been identified as the software of choice for this project at an early stage.  The bid justified this as follows:

 “OCLC’s hosted CONTENTdm software was selected over open source alternatives to manage the digital archive because of its rich functionality including full-text searching, faceted search results and the availability of Web 2.0 services in a forthcoming release scheduled for testing in Autumn 2010”

We are now underway configuring the admin side of the CONTENTdm interface, and pursuing some of the technical issues that arise when implementing a new piece of software.

The other technical issues that are foremost at the moment are the file types required in the archive for both preservation and delivery purposes, and the metadata templates to be associated with each collection/item type and how these will be cross-compatible (more on this soon).

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