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Meet the project team (pt1)

After a rather extended and unscheduled hiatus on this blog I think it is an appropriate time to introduce ourselves, and what we are doing on this project.  Look out for posts from each member of the team in the next few days.

My name is Ed Kirkland. I’m the project manager.  I have already broadly outlined the project  but will add a bit of detail now. 

The intention of the project is to create a sustainable digital archive to aggregate historical materials of relevance to Leicestershire.  We have an initial batch of materials in mind to establish the archive.  These materials have been selected form the archives of MACE, EMOHA and the University of Leicester library Special Collections.  They have been selected using usage data showing that there is high demand for them.

One prominent item identified from the library Special Collections is John Nichol’s work “The history and antiquities of the county of Leicester” which is not freely available online at present and is regularly consulted in the reading room.  This book is 5,500 pages in 4 quite large volumes hence we are talking to a variety of companies about the requirements we have for digitising it – more on that in a future post.

The real key to this project however will be building relationships with our user community.  We are hoping that as the project becomes established community groups who have collections relating to Leicestershire will upload their collections.  A large part of my role on the project will be to foster these relationships and to provide training and support to assist the community partners to scan, edit, and upload (with metadata) their materials.

I would imagine that I’ll be writing the majority of posts on this blog so if you want to contact me please either leave a comment or e-mail me at ek159@le.ac.uk

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